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Our hospital offers on site ultrasound. An ultrasound provides doctors with information about your pet that x-rays cannot provide.

Ultrasound works by emitting high frequency sound waves at internal organs. The sound bounces off the organ, producing an echo which is then converted into a visual image by a transmitter.   In simplest terms, an ultrasound produces a moving picture of an organ or body part as it is actually functioning.

Ultrasound is completely painless for your pet and is usually noninvasive. The majority of patients do not require anesthesia, while others may require a light sedative to promote relaxation. Regardless if sedation is used, ultrasound is an out-patient procedure, usually allowing your pet to go home the same day.

Many diagnostic procedures can be done with the help of ultrasound. It can be used to determine organ health, identify growths or masses, or used to get more specific information about something previously found on a radiograph. 

An ultrasound can also assist in determining if a pet is pregnant and a possible gestation timeline. 

It is also a great tool for your veterinarian when performing a biopsy or a cystocentesis (surgical puncture of the urinary bladder to collect a sterile urine sample).  During the procedure, a veterinarian will utilize the ultrasound to guide the needle into the correct position.   

The benefits of ultrasound are enormous. Diseases that would otherwise go undetected can be diagnosed early.  Although there are other parts of the body that can be studied with ultrasound, abdominal and cardiac ultrasound are the most common in veterinary medicine.