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More pets are euthanized everyday because of undesirable behaviors than from medical problems. The sad fact is that many of the behavioral problems could have been prevented or corrected. If only pet owners could have had the proper information and/or tools in the beginning, these situations could have been avoided and our animal shelters would not be so full.

As a pet owner, we learn quickly that our pet’s requirements go far beyond the basic needs of providing food, water and shelter. We also learn the importance of parasite and disease prevention.

Though all of those needs mentioned are very important, we have still missed a vital component to a long and healthy life for your pet: interactions with your pet. These are everything from playing, walking, and feeding, to socialization and formal training. These are probably the biggest challenges an owner faces when deciding to add a new member to the family.





Aggression towards people

Aggression towards other dogs/pets

Excessive barking/vocalization

Destructive behavior



Jumping on furniture

Jumping on people

Running away

Fear of loud noises



Stealing food items

Eating feces

Separation-related problems






Separation-related problems


Our goal at Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital is to provide our clients with the tools and information needed to raise a healthy and happy pet.

Many of the unwanted behaviors listed above are caused by a lack of knowledge. Young animals are often much easier to work with because they have not had a chance to learn undesirable behaviors, or they are still impressionable enough to correct bad ones. Though it is our goal to be involved from the beginning, sometimes it just is not possible or situations arise later in life. Whatever behavioral issues you may be having, at any stage of your pet’s life, we will do what we can to help.


Some of the topics that we may discuss during pet visits:

Housing breaking/litter box training

How to reduce food aggression

Importance of handling feet, ears, mouth etc.

Preventing biting

Preventing destructive behavior

Crate training

Importance of puppy classes and when to start

Importance of obedience training and when to start

Puppy Socialization Classes and Basic Obedience Classes


Informative client education articles are available that discuss many of these behavioral conditions.  Go to the library page of our website and choose behavior, click on canine or feline and type in the topic of your concern.

A well socialized and obedient dog will be a happy member of the family. .

The key is preventing bad behaviors before they start. If you are having a problem that isn’t mentioned please ask us about it. If we don’t have the answer we will direct you to someone who can help.

Please make an appointment with us today so that we can help you create that everlasting bond with your pet.